A look at the indigenous art in Alaska

Introduction of Group Project: The Living Alaska Native art history site

Hello everyone,
This week we will be breaking into groups for the Alaska Native Art Living history page. This project is born out of my own desire to capture the history that is happening right now in in the Alaska Native Art word. There have been great volumes of work done on the history of Alaska Native Arts, but very little published on the contemporary climate of the arts today. This project was also inspired by the Contemporary North American Indigenous Artists Blog (https://contemporarynativeartists.tumblr.com/) by Wendy Red Star. Some years ago I taught a special topics class Contemporary Alaska Native Art course were students had an option to conduct an interview and only had one student take up the challenge they conducted a video interview that can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9k1YiyrbBA and then created a Wicapeatia page for the artist Kathleen Carlo-Kendall https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kathleen_Carlo-Kendall.

This week you will be broken into working groups and your first assignment for the project is to create a list of 10 rules for group work. Based your list on the information from the reading this week, Collaborative peer evaluation: Best practices for group member assessments by L.E. Gueldenzoph. Feel free to use other resources you like but be sure to cite the resource for the class.

You may choose to collaborate in whichever manner you like synchronous, asynchronous, in a Google application, another application, in slack, in a google hangout, facetime, phone, etc.

A channel for each work group will be set up for everyone but you may use other forms of communication. We have set up a Google folder for the group project (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sHSboUQBsnUEqg6W72HSgNPHUOAcKGyJ?usp=sharing ) you will need to use your @alaska.edu to access the folder, and I suggest making a new folder for your group, but your group can use other ways of sharing information too but the final project will be turned in through the Google drive.


This will be how your peer working group will evaluate individual contributions to the project.

One person should be designated to report your progress back to me.

Your final product should be uploaded to the Google drive listed.