A look at the indigenous art in Alaska

Building the Post

Here are some example from past classes (https://art365.community.uaf.edu/category/alaska-native-art-living-history-project/ ).
And some other Artist Interviews sites

As you can see there are many different approaches to representing the Artist your is working with. Some are text only, some have a few images, some are image intense and some have an image of the artist. There is no right way to compose the post and the structure of our website might not directly reflect the team’s design, but this will give everyone a chance to outline the final project as it will live on the web.

Your team might start by copying the edited transcript into this doc and then placing images in with captions. If the Artist was discussing a specific piece it would be good to have the image next to that section of the interview. Is it important to have an image of the artist or map of where they live? Should you put in links to other sources of information on their career? Does your team want their names on the publication or leave it anonymous as a class assignment.